People want to use augmented reality, we make it possible

AR has always been a luxury – available only to big-budget corporations. We want to change that. We put the tools into the hands of the people – to make our lives easier, more fun, and most importantly – more effective.

Here’s what others have to say

Nothing makes us more satisfied with our work than happy clients. Please take a moment and read our customers’ testimonials. We appreciate feedback so if you want to share your Overly app experience, get in touch with our team via Contact us page.

Maija Prozorviča

Director, Ogilvy PR Latvia

“In a nutshell, collaboration with Overly is always very professional and pleasant.”

Uldis Cekulis

Uldis Cekulis, CEO at VFS Films

“You can sense that the Overly team love what they do and are fully invested in creating solutions that work as perfectly as possible. And due respect to Ainārs for his patience in taking us through the ABCs of augmented reality. It felt like an open university in the world of AR and its possibilities. The collaboration was very tolerant between us as the beginners and Overly as the professionals.”

Juska Matintalo

Project Manager, Ulkomainosyhtiö Laulava Ovipumppu Oy

“What stands out about Overly is that the business is very fair, they don’t add some crazy margins for their services, because that’s been a deal-breaker for me more than once. And they also provide excellent customer service, always available when you need them. Special shoutouts to Edvins and Edgars for giving insightful and practical advice. I’m a lot smarter thanks to these two.”


We’ve been developing AR solutions for 6+ years and have noticed that people and companies want to use this technology. They just feel like it’s out of their reach. That’s why we developed the Overly app – to let every small and medium-sized business create their own augmented reality. Even for individuals who want to make their own cool event invitations.

What’s with the near-sighted cyclops logo?

You mean the glasses for three eyes? The third eye is the lense that we constantly have with us – our phone camera. Our camera is also the window to the new, digitally-enhanced world that we can all build through AR. It’s such an integral part of not only daily life but life at Overly as well, it just had to be part of the logo.

Meet the people behind Overly

Ainārs Kļaviņš

Co-founder & CEO

Gatis Zvejnieks

Co-founder & CTO

Elīna Karole

Content Marketing Manager