People want to use augmented reality, we make it possible

Overly made augmented reality creation more inclusive by introducing a self-service AR building tool, Overly Creator. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform empowers anyone, from householders to big brands, to create DIY AR content—no coding skills required. Overly’s capabilities democratize AR creation and will be integral to Metaverse and its mixed reality future.

Here’s what others have to say

Nothing makes us more satisfied with our work than happy clients. Please take a moment and read our customers’ testimonials. We appreciate feedback so if you want to share your Overly app experience, get in touch with our team via Contact us page.

Gints Gabrāns

Founder & artist, SAN

“Overly team took on to create a completely new, custom-made augmented reality concept, which required a lot of resources and patience. It shows that their spirit goes way beyond any borders, breaking new ground with hard work and dedication. Without Overly, the SAN app probably wouldn’t exist.”

Yuriy Novachynskyi

Head of Information & Publishing Department, Lviv National Academy of Arts

“We get a lot of positive feedback from artists and curators and Overly app can be really useful for short term projects such art exhibitions. Looking forward to next collaborations!”

Elizabete Palasiosa

Creative Producer, Story Hub

“Open mind, great speed of communication and positive attitude all describe the Overly team. We often come up with completely new concepts and I think it is essential that everything is up for discussion. You can really feel that the team loves what they do and they understand what is necessary to achieve the results their clients want to see.”


Overly Creator was launched to provide an accessible, affordable and easy augmented reality creation platform.


When launching the platform in 2021, its founders, Ainārs Kļaviņš and Gatis Zvejnieks, already had more than a decade of combined AR industry experience.


Over the years, the duo saw how small and medium-sized (SME) businesses increasingly express interest in creating more immersive experiences to wow their audiences. However, with most tools on the market designed for corporate budgets and requiring skilled developers, AR often remained out of reach for smaller companies.


Even when do-it-yourself AR platforms started to pop up, they seemed to be missing the challenges AR amateurs faced. Augmented reality creation still implied a steep learning curve for those with limited resources or required small businesses to recruit technical team members.


The gap in the market inspired us, and we decided—in a world where every augmented reality platform tries to be like PhotoShop, we should be more Canva. We’ve squashed the high costs and scrapped code-based development by bringing Overly Creator to the market. Instead of creating barriers to entry for AR development, we created a tool where businesses with small teams can quickly and easily create compelling augmented reality experiences.

What’s with the near-sighted cyclops logo?

You mean the glasses for three eyes? The third eye is the lense that we constantly have with us – our phone camera. Our camera is also the window to the new, digitally-enhanced world that we can all build through augmented reality. It’s such an integral part of not only daily life but life at Overly as well, it just had to be part of the logo.

Meet the people behind Overly

Ainārs Kļaviņš

Co-founder & CEO

Gatis Zvejnieks

Co-founder & CTO

Artis Miezītis

Backend Developer