Art is more than meets the eye – uncover it with AR

Enrich the audience’s perception of art through augmented reality

Get started

Easy setup. No credit card required



Beyond looking – provide new ways of experiencing art and exhibits.



Involve visitors to a never before seen extent.



Add value to the exhibited items, “undress” the art to uncover more.

Implement AR quickly and easily

Scalable, easily implemented without requiring changes in museum design and signage, nor additional pricey hardware. Ideal for galleries of any size, and provides interactive experiences at an affordable price.

Provide additional context and information

Not all interesting tidbits and context fits into the confines of physical museum space – add an AR layer for a more immersive experience. Use AR to provide additional information, backstory, and context to the demonstrated exposition.

Bring the experience outside the museum

Expand the experience by introducing and upselling merchandise, offering tickets to complementary exhibitions, receive feedback, and even implement advertising options.

Customer stories

Enter the era of museums 2.0

Bring art to life and add livelihood to traditional museums and expositions.


Make it move

Use AR to animate favorite pieces of art to bring them to life and demonstrate their character.


Break down the content

Provide added insight to the art to help understand the meaning, context, and significance of different elements in the piece of art.


Introduce your merch

Scanned artwork can also indicate that the museum’s gift shop offers products related to this piece.


Make it fun

Give visitors a goal – start them on a scavenger hunt, a trail, or more to engage and empower uncertain visitors.