Bring interactivity into your day-to-day life

Add a wow-factor to your static images with augmented reality

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Make jaws drop

Stun friends and family with a unique approach to photos, invitations, letters, and more


Accessible high-tech

No specialty knowledge required, personal plans offer accessible pricing


Expand your creativity

Add another “can do” to your skillset, by creating DIY AR experiences

Bring memories and static images to life

Add videos to your images to bring them to life. Spice up memories by adding a personalized message, instructions, a related video, and more.

Provide added information to greeting cards

From videos and recorded messages to guest lists and directions, you can add a variety of functions to your augmented reality greeting cards.

Take your personal style to another reality

You can use augmented reality to experiment with your own looks. Forget about make-up apps and bring to life your clothing or even create an augmented reality tattoo

Customer stories

The options are endless

It takes an idea and a will to try to build whatever your heart desires in the DIY augmented reality creator.


Bring your postcards + Christmas photos to life

Send an image which, when scanned, lights up with a video message from your family.


Wedding invitations

Add messages, additional info, RSVP links, directions and more.


Augmented pictures

Bring your gallery wall to life – an image can be scanned, and then a video clip of that day can be played.


Supplement gifts

Add a video explanation for a gift you’ve given, or make a card scannable to view the gift they’ve received.


Augmented fashion

Redefine your own style through DIY augmented reality projects, be it by bringing to life your clothing or even body art