Banish boredom from the classroom with interactive AR

Help students discover and explore with the help of augmented reality

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Easy setup. No credit card required.

With 73% of all teens currently owning a smartphone, AR technologies are immediately accessible for use by the majority of high-school-aged students.



Demolish physical barriers to learning – learn at any time in any place with a regular smartphone.



Add extra fun to the learning process and keep your students engaged.



Visualization and full immersion in the subject matter improve classroom results.

An AR-enabled classroom

Bring augmented reality into the classroom for in-depth learning and exploration. A stimulating learning method that can provide not only immersion into the subject (ex. with 3D modeling), but also enhances the level of excitement for students in an era of overstimulation.

Student-led learning

The AR tools can be used by students on their own, and they can guide their own journey of learning and exploration. Students set their own pace and can review as many times as necessary, and allows them to pursue their own interests to fuel interest in the topic at hand.


Practical demonstrations in physics, chemistry, anatomy, become affordable, as materials and expensive equipment are not required. This makes exciting experimentation available to all.

Customer stories

Be the cool teacher

When you make learning exciting, students can’t wait to learn. Excited and engaged students, in turn, make your life so much better.

Use AR to “show your work”

Students get a step-by-step demonstration on how to get to the correct answer, when they get a play-by-play show of problem solving.


3D modeling jolts the imagination

Awaken the imagination of the current generation by getting them to interact with 3D models. Where it’s dinosaurs roaring or dissecting a frog, 3D models can be used for every age category.


Add multimedia and extend attention

Waning attention spans are a reality of today – keep students engaged by adding multimedia content – videos to images to show more than otherwise can be discovered.