Overly app FAQs

Please read through our FAQs to solve your query or contact us if you still have questions.

How does the augmented reality creator work?

AR creator enables you to add augmented reality content to photo markers and showcase your work via the Overly app. First, you must upload a photo marker to the AR creator and then choose the content you want to show when people scan your chosen image with the Overly app. You may also include calls to action (CTAs), if you wish to drive traffic to your website, blog or elsewhere.

How is content brought to life with augmented reality?

Those photo markers you upload to the AR creator may also be referred to as trigger images because the AR content is triggered and displayed once your chosen image is scanned with the Overly app.

How to create an AR marker?

AR marker can be pretty much any image you choose it to be but bear in mind that it has to be specifically created for your AR project. The photo has to be unique, because if you choose just any stock photo from Google, other people may have used it as well or use it at a later date so your AR project may not show up when your chosen image is scanned.

Also, for the computer vision to detect the marker, there are multiple considerations to take into account. The AR creator’s internal system will walk you through the process to ensure the parameters for your chosen image are right. Read our blog to find out key considerations for creating AR markers.

Is there anything that you need me to provide to get started?

To use our system, you will need to select your plan and sign up to have an account. Once you are in and registered, we will walk you through the process. You may already be familiar with creating AR experiences and may have content such as 3D models or videos at hand. If not, you can sign up and look at our system and figure out what’s the easiest option for you.

Do I have to use the Overly app or do you have other publishing options?

We offer all of our users to bring their content to life with the Overly app. However, if you are after a custom, non-branded solution, please contact us and we can develop your own mobile application or even integrate AR functionalities within your existing app.

How to let people know that they should download the Overly app?

Promotion of the AR content is key, therefore you may want to add a description to your marker, asking people to download the app and scan the image. You may also include the Overly logo with various text additions, available here. In our experience, promo people do the work perfectly at events and social media announcements are also a way to share your news without changing the content that is to be scanned.

How does Overly show a return on investment on AR campaigns?

ROI for your campaign must be set by you. For some clients, the number of scans may determine the ROI if their AR experience is based on engagement. However, AR is not a mass medium just yet and therefore returns are often grasped elsewhere, such as increased customer satisfaction, optimized sales process, etc. Have a look at our blog on establishing KPIs and measuring ROI for your AR campaign.

What are the specifications for augmented reality content?

The content you choose to display may be video or 3D and the specification varies for both.

Video: H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.0 video, up to 640 x 480 at 30 fps. MP4 Part 2 video (Simple Profile), 30fps, Bitrate Max 5mb/s

3D: Up to 65 000 polygons. FBX file. All objects should be combined in one object. Textures should be also exported.

What happens when I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel at any time – your subscription and markers will be functional until the end of the billing cycle. If your subscription is to renewed within three months, the content created will also be deleted from the database.

How long is my AR content active?

Your content will be active as long as you maintain your subscription with the Overly app.

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