Add a new dimension to traditional printed media

Inject your magazines & newspaper ads, brochures & booklets, and outdoor banners with digital pizzazz

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Easy setup. No credit card required.



Make your printed media stand out among the rest



Get extra advertising real estate by bringing your viewer online



Extend your reach by staying in viewers’ minds longer

Compete with the internet’s interactivity

While people are increasingly favoring the internet for their content (because of increased interactivity, videos, etc.), with augmented reality, you can bring that dimension to printed materials, too.

Gain conversion metrics

More data lets you get conversion metrics and data in general about your advertisement’s reach and impact.

Pull them into digital – make the sale

Strike while the iron’s hot! You don’t have to wait for customers to stroll into the store to make the sale, you can draw them online and offer the chance to buy immediately.

Customer stories

Create a buzz around your printed materials

Add an unconventional and impressive dimension to your materials and stand out among the rest.


Enhance technical drawings with 3D models

Scan technical drawings to experience them in 3D, add and subtract layers, and observe from all angles.


Images that literally stand out

Have photos come to life, either in video or 3D model form.


Animate books and posters

Bring your children’s books or event posters to life with a roaring dinosaur or a rock band that demos their new song.


Connect to online content

Scan materials and get immediate access to relevant online materials, videos, and even buttons to make a purchase.