Level up your business game by adding an unexpected layer to your materials

Revive your printed media content with 2D or 3D content in augmented reality

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Deeper brand engagement

Get your customers involved at a never-before-seen level through an entertaining and novel approach.


Improved clarity in communication

Through process visualization, get the right message across straight away.


Generate buzz and wow-factor

Shock your followers and attract wanted attention for a unique approach to existing business processes.

Demonstrate your product

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a 3D model is essentially as good as it gets! Give a good demonstration, use case, or even show your buyer what the product would look like in their environment.

Stand out

Whether it’s from advertising, bringing your packaging to life or sending out a Princess Leia-style hologram attached to your business card, you’re guaranteed to set yourself apart from competitors in the market.

Creatively engage your customers

Scavenger hunts, video hunts, lotteries. The sky’s the limit. Get your customers involved and engaged in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Customer stories

The use cases are endless

Augmented reality for business can be used for an infinite amount of applications – you’re limited only by your imagination. Here are some more stellar ideas to level up your business game.


Augmented reality business cards

Add a holographic message to your business card to remind your recipient of yourself (and stand out!).


AR prototyping

Build an AR prototype, explore it, dismantle it, demonstrate it, sell it before it’s created.


AR for retail

Let your customer try on clothing, makeup, and accessories before buying. Try out furniture in your space before committing.


AR for training

Train employees to use equipment, customers to use new products in an interesting, engaging, and safe way.