Personalized augmented reality wine labels spread holiday cheer

Forget about run-of-the-mill corporate gifting. We created personalized augmented reality wine bottles for our customers and got much love on social.

Project overview

On a snowy December afternoon, wine bottles landed in the hands of our customers, business partners, collaborators and friends. But it was no ordinary wine. It featured a personalized augmented reality label. Once scanned with the Overly app, 3D models of our team members jumped out of the bottle. Our 3D replicas then danced to a pretty awesome Christmas tune.


The goal of our corporate gifting campaign was to spread Christmas cheer and make our customers smile. However, once we put that smile on their faces, our clients started sharing gift appreciation posts on social media. While it was just a fun internal project, it came to be a superb boost for brand awareness.

Creating an augmented reality wine label

Bringing this project to life was an interdisciplinary task. We collaborated with a wonderful local winery, Aizputes Vīns, that let us select one of their delicious products and customize the label. Luckily, they could also print and apply these labels to the selected bottles.


In the meantime, our team developed the concept for the 3D animation, which is one of the features you can implement with the Overly app. We created 3D replicas of our team using our photogrammetry setup. A 3D animator turned our team’s 3D models into mini Santa Clause’s and taught them some cool dance moves.

Augmented reality revives traditional gifts

Christmas goes hand in hand with year-end holiday gifting, employee or partner appreciation gifts and secret Santa Games. Our goal was to use the technology that we already have at our fingertips to rejuvenate a traditional holiday activity.


The wine was our product of choice, but it could’ve been a postcard or a box of chocolates. Or even a candle that everyone has got from their Secret Santa at least once. It is a predictable gift, but combined with a little tech infusion, it not only made the recipients smile but saw them advocate our partnership amongst their peers. Many of our clients turned to social media to spread their excitement via Instagram and Facebook stories. From a corporate gifting project it turned into a brand awareness campaign which drove some great traction for Overly DIY AR creator.


If it was just a regular bottle of wine, it wouldn’t have any impact at all. We wanted to share a case study from our personal collection as this is a superb example of how augmented reality can put the surprise element back into corporate gifts.

If you want to create a personalized augmented reality wine label, be sure to read our top tips on creating AR marker images. Get in touch with our team if you need any support.

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