Catalog to e-commerce product experience boosts online sales for Top Shop

Bringing buyers from the physical realm into the digital environment to help then make a purchase decision – win-win.


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Project overview

Top Shop’s physical catalog is filled with many products that are often allotted a limited amount of space. With AR, interested buyers could scan the product they were interested in to gain additional information, video demonstrations, and direct links to buy.


The result was digitally converting catalog buyers to the online environment, which not only led to a boost in sales but also uncovered new digital marketing opportunities.

Converging the ease of physical with the benefits of digital

The Top Shop catalog is a staple aspect of Top Shop’s sales strategy. However, it has its limitations – in both space, as well as functionality. The benefits of digital sales are – being able to collect and track data, make online purchases, implement upselling or cross-selling, and more.


By making the visuals of the catalog available to be scanned, augmented reality was able to provide additional value to both buyer and seller. The buyer gained access to additional content, such as product video demonstrations, and the seller gained access to digital marketing solutions and direct buying opportunities.

Removing the friction from catalog buying

Browsing through a magazine is great, but when it comes to buying, the process is less than optimal. It presented a great hurdle for buyers who saw something they wanted to buy. With the help of the AR app, they were able to scan the item they wanted to immediately make the purchase. Less friction means fewer lost customers and higher sales.

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