Hidden potential of packaging boosts Tere milk sales during run-up to Eurovision

Added value and added excitement to packaging with relevant social content – a winning combo for Tere Milk.


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Project overview

During the run-up to Eurovision, Tere milk worked together with Eurovision hopefuls to provide unique content that can be accessed by scanning their milk packaging – contestants recorded performances and messages to their fans as an attempt to win their vote.


The project exceeded expectations, garnering 47,300 views. This resulted in increased purchases as well as brand recognition that has continued to this day.

Cross-marketing with relevant campaigns

Tere milk made use of the topic du-jour – the Eurovision selection process – to elevate their brand to the same level of hotness. By combining their sales interests along with Eurovision hopefuls’ desire for distributing their message, they were able to create a win-win scenario for all those involved.

Creative packaging and unexpected applications

By making custom content only available through their packaging, not only were they able to speak to every one of the Eurovision fans but were also able to stimulate the purchase of their product through an uncommon means. Using an AR app, they were able to set themselves apart from other products and excite their buyers with a new form of content.

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