Augmented reality greeting card to remember

Over the years we’ve seen many AR Christmas cards with 3D and video applications but the one made by Baltic Travel Group is one of our favorites as it drew great engagement and can be applied to individual use.


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Project overview

Baltic Travel Group created a digital greeting card that was sent to all of its clients and partners at Christmas. This time there was a touch of magic, as people could scan the card with the Overly app and it came to life. The team had recorded a Christmas song, which proved to be a true hit with their international friends.


The company sent out 700 cards and considering the usually scan rate for the augmented reality project, it is clear that some people had their song on repeat as it received 1660 listens. They also received great feedback from recipients who were truly wowed with some magic just in time for Christmas.

Your Christmas card can burst out in a song as well

Your augmented reality content does not have to be professional unless you want to make that investment. Whilst the BTG team could afford a recording studio and great videographers, your video can be home-made and you can sit in front of your mobile phone and record your version of “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. You can go look at our CTO’s blog on creating marker-based AR experiences for guidance if you are not sure that your content is suitable.

Ensure people notice the augmented reality layer

When it comes to our enterprise clients, our team is always on hand to check if the AR greeting card or other photo marker features information about augmented reality layers. However, we cannot always ensure this when our customers use the automated service, so please bear in mind that you must include instructions, similar to the BTG example works perfectly or you can once again turn to our technical information for short info to include.

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