Augmented reality with a bang for MO Saaremaa yoghurt packaging

The largest organic milk producer in Estonia, Saaremaa Dairy, introduced a new line of yoghurts last summer. Catering for the younger consumer, the company added a 3D augmented reality showcase to its packaging, revealing how its local Kaali Meteorite Crater came to be around 7,500 years ago.


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Project overview

Saaremaa Dairy is just as proud of its farmer-owned organic produce as its Saaremaa island roots. To celebrate the launch of its new product, the company recruited augmented reality to educate people of some quirks of its location, which play an integral part in its brand story.


The Mo Saaremaa product line consists of three yoghurts. Once their lids are scanned with the Overly app, all yoghurts face the inevitable splash of an AR meteorite accompanied by the Northern Lights, another of Saaremaa’s most notable attractions. Since launching in August 2020, the tech-inclined consumers have retrieved the 3D augmented reality experience hundreds of times.

Post-purchase storytelling boosts loyalty


While shoppers are used to scrolling through countless advertisements online and passing hundreds of promos in-store and on the street, brands often neglect the opportunity to speak to their customers once the purchase is complete.


The “Thank you, next!” approach is certainly not an excellent strategy for companies who want to build a loyal customer base. As Saaremaa Dairy rightfully highlight, the product sales should not only “bring value to their owners, but positively surprise our clients… and create a great sense of community.”


Augmented reality is a tool that can be used to engage customers post-purchase. AR allows for brands to enter peoples’ homes, tell their stories, educate and entertain customers, ensuring the company remains in their memory when the next shopping spree is due.

Products that stand out, packaging that follows


Saaremaa Dairy is a unique brand with a strong story and roots. Its produce is organic, and the island’s farmer-run business ensures the whole journey from the cow to the finished product is fully transparent and controlled. And it is located in a place where around 1530 BC, the Kaali meteorite fell. And it boasts the wondrous Northern Lights.


Unfortunately, you cannot possibly write all this on yoghurt packaging. And you shouldn’t. This is where AR comes in with the opportunity to add another layer of information. 


Saaremaa Dairy embraced the extra layer of content and served up some educational 3D content with its selection of yoghurts. Although the product’s target audience is truly vast, the company notes that the augmented reality experience is generally aimed at its younger consumers


The brand demonstrates a truly great example of how to market to Gen X by using exciting technologies. While capitalizing on the customer excitement, they manage to sneak in a Saaremaa Dairy learning experience that youngsters would be unlikely to seek out by other means, such as by going to the brand’s website and reading upon it.

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