“Logic Cards” captures valuable use of augmented reality

When the Brain Games team set their mind on augmented reality implementation within “Logic Cards” they took a no-nonsense approach to the end goal.


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Project overview

When board game publishing and wholesale company, Brain Games, came across the author of Logic Cards, they saw the perfect opportunity for augmented reality implementation.


The cards that feature logic, geometry, and mathematical tasks and train people’s minds, can be found on the shelves in the biggest bookstores across Europe. The beauty of the cards’ augmented reality layer is that it helps its users.

Instruction manual gone digital

Logic Cards feature four decks of cards, each offering different tasks with changing levels of difficulty. The augmented reality feature has been implemented not as an entertainment add-on but rather as an assistant for solving challenges. Whilst traditional tests may reveal the result, AR functionality reveals the solution for each task, whilst allowing people to understand how the outcome was achieved.

Disrupting the entertainment perceptions of AR

“In the games sector, augmented reality is most often used as a fun gimmick. However, the goal for us was to implement AR that adds real value,” tells Egils Grasmanis, CEO at Brain Games. “We realize that if the augmented reality layer was just to add a cool effect, it wouldn’t be worth our customers’ time. It cannot just be a visual experience, the content behind it is extremely important, it has to have a purpose and serve people. This is exactly the case with Logic Cards, people are inclined to use AR functionality because it helps them.”

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