TrapMonkie previews Metaverse merchandise in AR

Florida-based streetwear brand, TrapMonkie™, uses augmented reality to showcase its Metaverse vision as the team shifts focus from physical clothing to Web3 merchandise.


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Project Overview

TrapMonkie is set to lead the way in Web3 merchandise and streetwear-ables for non-fungible token (NFT) projects. The brand is using augmented reality to drive engagement and give the global Metaverse community a glimpse of what’s to come.


To promote its minting website and NFTs, TrapMonkie™ launched an AR-powered social media promotion. In addition, each of its NFT holders receives a physical AR-powered t-shirt. The team plans to upgrade most of its designs to be Web3 friendly with AR implementation.

TrapMonkie™ clothing gets digital layers

TrapMonkie launched in 2018. It has since gained popularity as a unique clothing brand that combines classic minimal streetwear and modern trap aesthetics. 


From the get-go, the brand’s slogan has been “In this concrete jungle, this Monkie hustles”. But as of late, its team is hustling way beyond the brick-and-mortar world. The ape-themed fashion line is taking the Web3 universe by storm. 


Collaborating with more than 100 worldwide artists, TrapMonkie revealed the most extensive collaboration collection in the entire NFT space earlier this year.


The brand’s generative drop is currently minting live at, featuring the work of 16 artists, three lead creatives and various assets from genesis creatives. “TrapMonkie isn’t a regular project. We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) trademarked for NFTs and clothing,” shares Manuel Ramirez, Creative Director at TrapMonkie. “Our goal is to be the leading provider of Web3 merch and streetwear-ables for NFT projects.”

Augmented reality previews TrapMonkie’s Metaverse ambition

In parallel to developing Web3 streetwear, the team is working on land parcels for Metaverse. “We plan to take people into the Web3 concrete jungle with Unreal Engine and different Metaverse platforms. We will start with teasers in augmented reality using the Overly app,” shares Manuel. “AR won’t be solely a promotional tool, but a glimpse of what’s to come for us as a brand. We plan on upgrading most of our designs and creating new ones that are Web3 friendly with AR implementation,” he adds.


In fact, TrapMonkie is already using AR to give its audience a preview of its Web3 streetwear-ables. “Currently, we use AR to showcase our website and NFTs on social media. And we have added an augmented reality experience onto t-shirts that along with Web3 merchandise are exclusively limited to NFT holders only,” details Manuel.


The team recently used its AR-powered t-shirt to showcase its NFT collection at the leading annual industry event in New York, NFT.NYC.  “People absolutely loved the AR experience, and we received an overwhelming response for our work. When asked what’s the craziest thing the community had seen in NFT.NYC, many said it was Web3 clothing by TrapMonkie,” Manuel enthuses.



While the team focuses its efforts on its Web3 merchandise, it chose Overly for its self-service capabilities. “As creatives, we strive off DIY, and that’s why we chose Overly AR Creator,” he shares. “Once we had all the designs and animations in place and tested that Overly works on the printed shirts, we moved forward with it for our NFT launch,” adds Manuel.

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