Canvas with hidden memories

Print-on-demand projects can be enhanced with augmented reality layers, bringing memories on your walls or albums to life.


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Project overview

One of the most common personal uses for augmented reality is capturing videos behind photos, canvas, albums and more to keep photo stories alive.


AR canvas or albums are excellent for your family to reminisce of certain events in your life, and can be an excellent tool to share life events at dinner parties.

Getting content ready for your own augmented reality project

When watching the case study video, it is clear that the moments of the same photo are brought to life. However, you may not always have a matching photo to go with your video as most people either film or photo their experiences not do both simultaneously.

However, matching looks is for sure not a requirement at all. You can use an existing video and hide it behind a simple text postcard. Or if you are printing a canvas, you can choose one of your favorite photo moments from summer and add just one video that you have.

Replace albums with photo slideshows in AR

The good news is that you don’t need to have a ready-made video to hide behind a canvas. You may have a photo of your baby hanging on the wall and you can create a photo slideshow of your bump to the baby journey. Or you may create an annual calendar, featuring just 12 photos, but enable all as AR markers and hide experiences from each month of the past years before your photos. As far as your imagination stretches, the content can be adapted.

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