Augmented reality history book provides extra insight about Latvian Prime Ministers

The first book in the Baltics to feature the futuristic augmented reality technology puts an emphasis on history education.


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Project overview

The first book across the Baltic States to feature augmented reality was launched by the Latvian State Chancellery in a respectful memory of the interwar period Latvian Prime Ministers. The book consists of nine chapters, each dedicated to one of the great men, featuring their portraits. Portraits can be scanned with the Overly app where additional insight is provided.


This campaign is a great example of an augmented reality application in education. Whilst reading history books may not always be the definition of engaging learning for the younger generations, documentary videos are certainly getting the upper hand. The book got great press coverage thanks to its unique properties at the time.

Augmented reality revives traditional media

When scanned, each portrait reveals a panel discussion with today’s historians discussing each of the prime ministers. The information is easy to consume and provides key takeaways without having to read the full text. At the same time, the traditional written content is provided and kept intact for people who prefer to consume information in text format.

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