Ainars Klavins

CEO and Co-founder, Overly

Tech and XR enthusiast, Ainārs, launched Overly alongside his business partner, Gatis Zvejnieks, in 2014 and has since become an expert in all things AR. Before setting up his own business, Ainārs was working in sales and advertising for more than a decade, which gave him a great insight into the value augmented reality can add to various marketing initiatives.
Recent posts by Ainars
One of the most frequently asked questions about augmented reality campaigns is if they are worth the investment? While one may expect the CEO of an AR solutions agency to jump straight to the answer “Yes”, that is not a blanket response that our clients get. Here I address the question and outline various measurement options.
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Wondering how to differ augmented reality (AR) from virtual reality (VR) and what other terms such as mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR) stand for? Ainārs goes through the key AR, VR, MR, and XR concepts and provides some examples.
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