HealthTech company embraces augmented reality for “Art of Engagement” exhibition

To celebrate the success of their AI-powered patient engagement platform, Israeli healthcare champions, GistMD, organized a tech-infused exhibition. Sticking to its core mission of effortless communication on complex issues, the team used augmented reality animations to showcase the effectiveness of its product.


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Project overview

To mark the end of penetration in the Israeli market and the start of its international expansion, GistMD, launched “The Art of Engagement” exhibition to local healthcare providers and investors. The team used Overly Creator to build an immersive storytelling experience within a limited physical space.


The exhibition featured 28 augmented reality markers that provided a window into GistMD’s production process. The on-demand AR content generated more than 1000 scans during the event and fulfilled its on-demand storytelling role.

The Israeli patent engagement champions

Launched in 2018, GistMD is an Israeli digital health company. The firm is on a mission to improve health literacy and mend the communication gaps between patients and their healthcare providers throughout its home country and beyond.


Adopting the Internet’s hyper-personalization techniques that supply relevant information, product, or service to every user, GistMD tailors educational healthcare content to individual’s demographics, medical history, diagnosis and required procedures. The company’s core product is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Considering individual patient data, the AI-powered tool can generate hundreds of thousands of versions of personalized explanatory animations in real-time.


“At the core of our technology is an effort to unpack complex healthcare information to empower people to make informed decisions and follow through with the treatment required,” explains Didi Remez, Marketing Communications Manager at GistMD. “Personalized animations are an effective solution for improving patient experience and our product has helped deliver better treatment outcomes, lower medical expenses, and shortened hospital stays across the Israeli healthcare system.”

Telling GistMD story through augmented reality

To mark the end of penetration in the Israeli market and the start of its international expansion, GistMD launched The Art of Engagement exhibition for the local healthcare providers and investors. 


The tech-infused event featured five displays. The Artist’s Studio was dedicated to GistMD’s process demonstrations, while four other exhibits were devoted to select product areas.


With animations at the core of GistMD’s patient education efforts, the team was eager to use explanatory videos to demonstrate the company’s creative and technical processes. “As we were preparing for the event, our main challenge was to effectively get across a complex organizational process within the physical limitations of an exhibition room,” details Remez.


 “An exhibition of still images would not convey the information as well as animations. Augmented reality allowed us to tell our story interactively without significant hardware installations,” he adds.


The AR-enhanced Artist’s Studio featured 28 augmented reality markers that walked the visitors through the entire GistMD’s production process: script, storyboard, character design, background design, and scene animation. Visitors were invited to download the Overly app prior to the event on their mobiles and could also use readily available tablets to experience the AR elements of the exhibition.

Augmented reality studio—a magnet for guests

As a tech-savvy company, GistMD added interactive technological elements to all exhibition displays. However, the AR stand seemed to keep a constant crowd throughout the event. “Augmented reality exhibit was a magnet. People were jumping in at various points to watch videos on demand. At any given 24 hours, there were always people there scanning,” shares Remez. He credits the tech’s easy access to its popularity. “We had some interactive elements in every exhibition room, but these were all limited to the hardware available. With guests using their own devices to access augmented reality content, there was always an opportunity to engage with the stand,” he says. 


While a true celebration for GistMD’s existing customers, The Art of Engagement event proved to be integral to securing other clients within the Israeli health care system. Remez credits AR as a vital part of the event’s overall success. “Augmented reality fulfilled the crucial role of showing our product’s effectiveness to our existing and potential customers, investors and partners. We wanted to offer an immersive experience within a limited physical space, and Overly was the right solution for this challenge,” adds Remez.

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