Augmented reality portrait exhibition adds magic to Clown Doctor fundraiser

To celebrate Latvia’s 10th clown care anniversary, the local Clown Doctor charity launched a fundraiser. A travelling augmented reality portrait exhibition is the centrepiece for attracting new donors. While each portrait reveals engaging AR stories about the cause, they also feature call-to-action buttons for quick donations.


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Project overview

The anniversary exhibition consists of 11 large-format portraits. Each image features an augmented reality video that comes to life once scanned with the Overly app. 


The launch event generated hundreds of scans, but it is just the start. The travelling AR exhibition will be integral to the team’s fundraising efforts throughout the year. 

Clown Doctors’ backstory

2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the Latvian public organization, Clown Doctors. The charity sees courageous people swap their daily duties for clown outfits to work alongside medical staff.


As the name suggests, the red-nosed care team maneuvers somewhere between healing and clowning around—a much-needed role for children in healthcare institutions. Dr Clowns’ main task is to help kids psychologically and make their hospital stay more bearable and joyful. In fact, research shows that Dr Clown visits result in a significant reduction in stress, fatigue, pain, and distress.


The charity’s team launched a celebratory fundraising campaign to mark Latvian Clown Doctors’ tenth year around the sun. Titled “One clown is not enough”, the initiative aims to boost the organization’s capacity. Currently, only 20% of hospitalized children get visited by Dr Clown. One of the key areas where donations from the campaign will be invested is Clown Doctor training, which includes intensive professional training in psychology and acting. 

AR exhibition tells Clown stories and drives donations

Clown Doctors’ fundraiser was launched in the largest Shopping Centre in the Baltic States—Akropole Alfa. The local Clown Doctor community and parents and children who have benefited from the cause attended the kick-starter event.


In line with the clown theme, the charity’s team launched a magical portrait exhibition that will continue entertaining shoppers for the coming month.


Powered by Overly’s augmented reality features, 11 portraits of clowns and children come to life to tell stories. Each AR experience features video interview fragments where children and Dr Clowns detail their clown care thoughts and adventures. Capitalizing on the AR’s potential to drive action, each experience features an integrated call-to-action button for quick donations.


The portrait exhibition itself has a therapeutic effect. While it touches on a serious topic, its light hearted interview fragments provide a great food for thought on overcoming traumatic events and challenges. At the same time, it raises awareness of the Clown Doctors value.


The augmented reality exhibition will continue to be an integral part of the Clown Doctor’s fundraising efforts this year. The charity hopes to see it travel to other shopping centres and later be placed at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Latvia.

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