Augmented reality wedding invites wow guests

Augmented reality wedding invites can add a magical touch to your invites or reveal great storytelling opportunities whilst keeping the print content minimal.


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AR-enabled wedding invitations will let you place videos, menu options, gift ideas, location information and more on top of the traditional invite. Keeping your designs minimal but providing a wealth of information.


Your guests would attend your wedding regardless of your invite style, but it is great to give people a true sense of your story or what you expect on your grand day. In case of a bigger or international wedding where guests may know just one of the couple, it is a great introduction to the other person, helping people get on board and feel at ease.

Adding additional information and links through AR

We always encourage people to consider practicalities when using augmented reality, it does not just have to be entertainment. When it comes to weddings, birthdays, christenings or other personal celebrations, dates may be set far in advance of other bookings, such as the venue. With augmented reality invite you can add links to information that can be updated frequently, asking guests to check back for information closer to date, such as hotel bookings or registering their food choices. At first, the invite can just serve as save the date and grow from there.

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