Artist embraces Augmented Reality and explores climate change

Yongwoon Shin, an artist hailing from South Korea, employed the power of augmented reality as a valuable tool in his artistic repertoire. With Overlyapp’s AR technology at his disposal, Shin embarked on a creative journey that delved deep into the pressing theme of the climate crisis.


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Project overview

Yongwoon Shin embraced the potential of augmented reality by using Overlyapp to breathe life into his artistic creations – culminating in his first AR-enhanced work showcased at the “Meeting, After that” collective exhibition, held at the Yunseul Art Museum from March 14 to April 30, 2023. The exhibition served as a platform for artists to delve into the intricate themes of sustainable art and the role of artists amidst the pressing challenges of the climate crisis. With the aid of Overlyapp, the artist aimed to infuse an additional dimension into his work.


The exhibition drew a significant amount of attention from visitors, who expressed their fascination with Yongwoon Shin’s AR-infused artwork. The use of AR left a lasting impression on the viewers – they remarked on the intuitive experience offered by augmented reality, allowing them to engage with the artwork on a more personal and immersive level.

From magic to AR: Yongwoon Shin’s multidimensional artistic pursuits

Yongwoon Shin is a self-described CGI photographer, magician, and NFT artist. With a diverse background in these creative domains, he seamlessly blends various visual arts disciplines to produce distinct works.


He represented the Korean national team at the FISM World Championship in Magic back in 2009. Since then, he has been on a constant quest to push the boundaries of photography, video, and magic, seeking new ways to combine these mediums. In 2021, he presented his first solo exhibition titled “I’m possible,” showcasing the breadth and depth of his artistic repertoire.


Over the years, Yongwoon Shin witnessed fellow artists incorporating AR and holograms into their magic performances, igniting his fascination with these technological possibilities. This interest gradually crystallized into a vision of integrating AR into his own artistic expression. He came across Overlyapp, which became instrumental in preparing his first AR-enhanced work for the “Meeting, After that” exhibition in 2023, unveiling yet another aspect of his artistic prowess.

AR-Infused artistic perspective on the climate crisis

The focal point of the “Meeting, After that” exhibition revolved around the pressing issue of the climate crisis. Prior to the exhibition, a series of workshops were organized by the Yunseul Museum, bringing together 10 artists. These workshops served as a platform for contemplation on sustainable art and the role of artists in the era of the climate crisis. Following the workshops, each artist interpreted the theme of the climate crisis through their unique lens.


One of Yongwoon Shin’s works in the exhibition, titled “The Betrayal of a Paper Bag,” prompts a fundamental question: “Do our actions genuinely benefit the planet?” The artist explains that initially, plastic bags were introduced as a solution to protect depleting forests. However, over time, plastic bags themselves have become a significant environmental hazard.


In response, people have turned to paper bags as an alternative to reduce plastic usage and mitigate ecological impact. However, the production of paper bags also emits a substantial amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


Works like “The Betrayal of a Paper Bag” challenge viewers to critically assess whether our actions, such as opting for paper bags, truly contribute to the planet’s well-being.

What’s next for the artist?

Yongwoon Shin’s future plans include the continuation of his ongoing series, “FICTION: The Hole.” Drawing inspiration from the renowned American illustrator Peter Newell, the artist intends to embark on a creative journey that involves melting magical phenomena and vivid imaginations into the very fabric of his artwork – material holes. The artist envisions an intriguing showcase where visitors’ own imagination creates the narrative of the artwork.


By venturing into the realm of NFT works, Shin seeks to provide collectors with the opportunity to own his cherished creations. Through exhibitions, he aspires to establish a space where individuals can fully immerse themselves in imagination.


Looking ahead, the artist sees Overlyapp’s AR technology as an additional instrument in his formidable arsenal. By harnessing the power of AR, Yongwoon Shin intends to give audiences opportunities to embark on even more intriguing journeys that transcend traditional mediums.


Readers can acquire 1/1 editions of the artist’s NFT works through the NFT marketplace Foundation. A range of prints can be purchased through INPRNT.

The artist also offers limited signed editions of his work, sold through personal contact.

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