Latvian Railways take augmented reality locomotive to EXPO 2017

Latvian Railways shone through at Latvia’s pavilion of Astana EXPO 2017 with the interactive “Hyloco” showcase in augmented reality.

Project overview

Latvian Railways is building hydrogen peroxide locomotives – one of the most advanced and environmentally-friendly innovations for powering trains worldwide. But as with any railway infrastructure, the engines are huge and impossible to transport. To ensure that potential partners understand the new technology and its benefits, we created an interactive augmented reality experience for its “Hyloco” showcase at Astana EXPO 2017.


Everyone who attended the expo was able to explore the locomotive and its functionality in detail through an augmented reality layer, which was enjoyed by visitors from all walks of life. The in-depth understanding provided by the showcase allowed the company’s potential partners in Kazakhstan to acknowledge the potential of hydrogen-powered transportation. The augmented reality implementation also played a role in Latvia winning Bronze for its Exhibition Design.

Explaining the complicated through augmented reality

The augmented reality prototype of the “Hyloco” locomotive took visitors on a journey, revealing how the technology works, where certain parts are and visually showcasing its environmental benefits. Using an interactive 3D animation that anyone could explore in their own time from different angles proved to create a tremendous educational AR example.

An innovative showcase of an innovative solution

Augmented reality is a new technology, and businesses are often wondering what ROI this technology can provide. When it comes to the B2B sector, it is evident that AR can save product transportation costs and is especially valuable when showcasing large-sized or complex products at exhibitions or private meetings. However, the technology is especially relevant for showcasing other innovative solutions. Innovation revealed through innovation draws attention, especially at big shows where competition for attention is fierce.

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