As much as we love what we do at Overly, we also enjoy exploring the AR work others produce. In the last few years, we’ve launched campaigns that we’re proud of and been able to look up to other amazing businesses and products for inspiration. To celebrate the great strides that the AR market has made, our team has listed some of their favorite AR moments. So in no specific order, let’s go!

Jack Daniel’s and its distillery tour in AR

Product packaging is one of the most exceptional venues for adding value and storytelling. Jack Daniel’s is a strong brand, and we love that the company has utilized AR to talk about their business. The brand created an AR tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery sharing behind-the-scenes with those who cannot visit them in real-life.

Burger King sets augmented reality fire to rivals’ ads in

Another big brand that has made our list is Burger King. The brand does quite a lot of excellent marketing stuff, but we’re bringing their AR work to the forefront. We enjoyed how they used interactivity and humor in their augmented reality to drive footfall. Launched in Brazil, the company encouraged fans to use AR (integrated within their own app) to burn competitors’ ads in exchange for a free meal.

Augmented reality app that changes HIStory to HERstory

Technology drives change, and it was wonderful to see how it not only transforms our present but has the power to set things straight in the past. A highly commendable example on our list is the AR app launched by Daughters of the Evolution Lessons in Herstory. When users open the app and scan an image of a male historical figure in the A History of US, Book 5: Liberty for All? 1820­–1860, the app unlocks one of the 75 featured stories of women of significance from that same period.

Mini AR Eurovision hopefuls perform on tables

To tap ourselves on the back, we have added a few of Overly examples as well. Our team delivered a packaging AR campaign for The Eurovision Song Contest. We teamed up with an Estonian milk brand “Tere Piim” and hand in hand with its creative agency Age Creative added an AR layer to its packaging. By scanning Tere Piim milk packaging with the Overly app, people were able to watch 3D mini versions of their favorite musicians perform on their tabletops. More than 50,000 people used this opportunity, and hundreds shared their experience on social media, generating excellent traction for the brand.

T-REX Mural jumps the fence

We love, love, love augmented reality art applications in general, and there are genuinely a lot of examples we’ve seen by individual artists as well as galleries and brands. If we do have to pick one, here’s a special shoutout to Artivive, who brought to life T-REX Mural by the famous street artist NYCHOS to life in Oakland.

AR poetry tents revive literature 

As we’re on the topic of arts, we have to bring up one of our fave collabs with illustrators this year. During the annual contemporary cultural forum “Baltā Nakts” we brought to life five DIY tents, decorated with 51 illustrations in total. Each drawing hid an animation with some musical background or voiceover, which revealed a part of a poem. This interactive exhibition is now touring the country and making literature classes more interactive.

Apollo’s Moon Shot AR App

While here we want to give a mention to the TIME Immersive App and its webAR offer, we have headlined this post with Smithsonian Channel’s awesome app. It is also dedicated to NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar mission in celebration of its 50th anniversary. It includes quite a few small games, such as landing on the moon, as well as exploration of 3D objects, including Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit.

Try before you buy with AR app TRYON

While Facebook has launched BETA augmented reality ads in our feeds and stats show how makeup tryon in AR boosts makeup sales, we were excited to see the new TRYON app, which uses hand recognition technology. Explicitly designed for selling jewelry and watches, it allows people to try on stuff in AR before they buy it. It would be fascinating to know if this saves them time going to the shop to double-check if they want the item.

Augmented reality Santas cheer up Overly clients

To top off the list, we have picked our own Christmas greeting. We augmented a personalized bottle of wine. Utilizing our new 3D photogrammetry corner, we captured the portraits of our team in 3D and later matched them with Santa Claus bodysuits. The goal was to create a fun Christmas animation to share the festive cheer with our clients. We got so much positive feedback that we had to pop this onto the list. Who knows, this may work as inspo for your future projects.

We could continue with this list as new apps and ideas are born and released daily. Not only consumers are more open to new tech, but it is evident that companies are finding ways to replace what was once a new tech hype with great value. As a result, the global augmented reality market is expected to reach the 150 billion mark by 2025. We are excited to be part of this growth spurt.


We are looking forward to new developments in hardware and software to grow our business and see new faces in the industry.

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