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Read expert advice, tips and insights on augmented reality applications in the education sector.

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It is possible to find examples of successful augmented reality uses in almost every industry, and the fact that AR implementation brings about great value is reflected by the sector’s growth and projected potential. Below I list TOP benefits and share some examples of how AR has already brought or can bring about benefits to retail, marketing, education, art, publishing, and manufacturing sectors.
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Augmented reality has been slowly but surely following its predecessor virtual reality in changing the education sector — digitizing classroom learning, and making training more diverse and interactive. Read this blog for ideas on introducing the tech into different learning situations.
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Joh Orengo, Finnish XR Nation’s ambassador and former "Swiss Army knife" at a Finnish EdTech spatial computing startup, Grib, provides top tips for augmented reality companies and educators that want to apply AR in the classroom setting effectively.
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