AR in retail

Here we deep-dive into the specifics of augmented reality in retail settings. Let us know if you would like us to cover any questions you have.

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Overly has launched a portable photogrammetry set-up in a bid to deliver detailed new age replicas of people, animals, clothing, and 3D objects for heritage conservation, archaeology, museums, educators, artists, marketers and game devs.
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It is possible to find examples of successful augmented reality uses in almost every industry, and the fact that AR implementation brings about great value is reflected by the sector’s growth and projected potential. Below I list TOP benefits and share some examples of how AR has already brought or can bring about benefits to retail, marketing, education, art, publishing, and manufacturing sectors.
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Augmented reality (AR) retail campaigns can be executed in and out-of-store, enriching customer experience in several ways, including virtual dressing rooms, magic mirrors, bogus windows, and via the most accessible tech of all — smartphones, owned by more than 2.5 billion of the global population. Here are ten examples of strategic AR placement.
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